Tips For Looking After Your Boxwood


Box will grow best in a well drained soil and if the ground is heavy it is advisable to fork in some garden compost before planting.


The first year. All box in the ground requires watering in its first year of planting, particularly during dry and hot periods when the Buxus will require weekly watering. if the ground is damp be careful not hoover water as waterlogged ground causes root damage. Topiary in pots needs careful watering and it is important that the compost never completely dries out. Virtually no watering is required from late autumn to late winter.


Feed your plants ion the early spring. A second light top dressing of fertiliser between June and August may be necessary to support the plant after the extra demands made by clipping, but be guided by the colour and condition of the leaves. Choose a well balanced NPK product with trace elements. Use a controlled slow release fertiliser for topiary in containers.


If the box plant looses its colour and vigour after a few years in the same pot it may be a sign the the root system is crowding the inside f the pot and may need pruning. to do this remove the root ball from the pot and cut back evenly around the root. This will allow you to re-pot with a margin of new compost and a slow release fertiliser.


Clip once the new growth has completely matured (normally by June). You may wish to do a light clip late in the summer, once the growing period has come to an end, in order to have a neat surface for the winter. Avoid clipping during periods of extreme heat..


Plant hygienes important. Good air circulation around and through the plant will reduce infection. Shake out any old leaves and debris fro your plant and remove from the area.


There are a few pests and diseases which have the ability to manage box. Before taking any action it is necessary to identify the problem and a good source of information is the Royal Horticultural Society website .