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Plant Care

Tips for looking after your Buxus Box Plants

Box plants grown in the open ground and lifted without soil are described as ‘bare rooted’, and may be planted at any time between October and late March, avoiding periods of heavy rain and frost. The ideal time for planting is the late summer or early autumn when the roots can benefit from the warm ground. Spring is also a good time, but it is important to water if there is a dry spell after planting. Container-grown plants can be planted at any time of the year, but the same adverse conditions should be avoided.

Annual Feed 
Feed your hedge, edge, parterre, knot garden and topiary specimens in the early spring. A light top dressing, gently applied to the top soil will support the plant during the extra demands made by clipping.

Clipping And Pruning Edges and Hedges
Clip as lightly as possible during the first year to allow the roots to establish themselves before the extra demands of the clipping process. Prune out growth that shoots ahead of the majority. In subsequent years, clip once the new growth has completely matured (normally by June). You may wish to do a light clip later in the summer, once the growing period has come to an end.

Planting Distances 
For a low hedge (up to 45cm high) plant at 20/25cm intervals; for a hedge taller than 45cm, plant at 30cm intervals. The general rule for spacing plants is the higher the hedge the wider the planting, since more root area is required to sustain the hedge.

Box In Pots And Containers
Use a slow release fertiliser, such as Osmocote, mixed into the compost in your container to feed the plant during the growing season. Ensure that the compost never dries out: this may require regular watering during the summer and very light watering during the winter. Every other year the plant may require root pruning if the root system is crowding the inside of the pot. To do this, remove the root ball from the pot and cut back evenly around the root. This will allow you to repot with a margin of new compost with a added slow release fertiliser.